A wide range of alternative investment strategies.

We seek out what we believe are best of breed* managers in each strategy and deliver them to you in a variety of ways — private funds, mutual funds, and futures managed accounts.

Mutual funds

Private funds

We offer an extensive list of funds.

General public**

Investors who meet specific net worth requirements** (accredited investor or qualified purchaser)


Varies by fund: Monthly/quarterly/other

  • Provides access to best-of-breed managers
  • Actively managed
  • Liquid
  • Offers low minimum investment
  • Single manager funds
  • Customization possible
  • Across alternative strategies

*Altegris defines "best of breed" as managers which in our opinion have demonstrated success in terms of sustained investment edge, effective risk management processes and established operations infrastructure.

**Subject to investment suitability as each individual investor has different investment goals, timelines, risk tolerances, and finances.